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"Not much going on here..."
Tofu Cute Blog
Welcome to Tofu Cute's Kawaii Blog!
Welcome to Tofu Cute's Kawaii Blog!
Here you can read all about cool new products, special offers, events that we attend, and interesting articles on all things kawaii. If you have a Tomodachi Card, react to articles to get points!
Here you can read all about cool new products, special offers, events that we attend, and interesting articles on all things kawaii. If you have a Tomodachi Card, react to articles to get points!
Tofu Cute Awards 2020 - Voting!
Tofu Cute's Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide 2020!
Excellent Exhibitors: Genki Gear!Excellent Exhibitors: Sugar & Sloth
Excellent Exhibitors: Cakes With FacesMushrooms V. Bamboos - The Final Poll
Tofu Cute x Super Cute Kawaii!Excellent Exhibitors: Gundam Mad!
August 2020
EVENT: Introducing Tofu Cute DigiFest! >>
Because it's 'digital'!
April 2020
EVENT: Tofu Cute Creative Writing Competition Winners! >>
Cute creative writing from Tofu Cute fans!
March 2020
EVENT: FLANart Competition 2020 - 10th Anniversary! - WINNERS! >>
FLANart competition returns!
FEATURE: 10 Years of Tofu Cute! >>
10 years of Tofu Cute!
February 2020
FEATURE: The names of Japanese snacks: Explained! >>
Ever wanted to know why your snack is called that?
January 2020
FEATURE: What's so great about GACHA? >>
Are you feeling lucky? Grab a gacha!
December 2019
FEATURE: AMUSE Plush Last Minute Gift Guide! >>
Give the gift of an adorable plush!
November 2019
FEATURE: Christmas Gift Guide: The Cutest Fruit Themed Gifts! >>
If you need a 'zesty' gift, then we've got you covered.
October 2019
EVENT: Halloween Spooky Mascot Design Competiton - Winners! >>
Let's get Spooky!
September 2019
EVENT: Tofu Cute AWARDS 2019 - Voting! >>
Cast your votes!
FEATURE: 6 Surprising facts about Japanese Snacks! >>
Learn some facts about Japanese Snacks.
FEATURE: Top Back To School Picks! >>
Gear up for another year with our cute stationery!
August 2019
REVIEW: My Favourite Matcha Snacks! >>
Matcha Magic!
REVIEW: 5 Unmissable NEW Plushies! >>
Quentin gives his take on the latest and greatest plushies!
EVENT: AMUSE Plush Cuteness Contest! >>
The biggest plush rivalries, revealed!
July 2019
EVENT: Tofu Cute 100k Instagram Giveaway! >>
Tofu Cute 100k Instagram Giveaway!
FEATURE: The Tofu Cute x ARTBOX Sanrio Character Awards >>
Who's the best Sanrio character? We asked our experts to find out!
FEATURE: 6 Top Picks for the summer! >>
The best of the Summer Sale!
June 2019
EVENT: Quentin's Ice Cream Competition Winners >>
Ice Cream Contest Winners!
May 2019
FEATURE: TofuQ&A 3 (With Alfonso!) >>
Your Questions, Alfonso's Answers!
FEATURE: The Complete Guide to Pokémon Treats! (& Giveaway at MCM!) >>
What's the best Pokémon Snack?
FEATURE: What can Tomodachi Points Get you? >>
You can get FREE Cute things with Tofu Cute!
April 2019
REVIEW: AMUSE Boars & Bichons Review! >>
Bichons Vs. Boars!
FEATURE: The Best AMUSE Bunny!? - Our Top 5 >>
The Best AMUSE Bunny!
REVIEW: 3 New AMUSE Plush with Crowns - Reviewed! >>
Cute Crowned Plushies!
REVIEW: AMUSE Namakemono Sloths Review! >>
Adopt a Sloth!
March 2019
FEATURE: All Flavours of Puccho, Ranked! >>
What's the best flavour of Puccho, Japan's favourite chewy sweet?
FEATURE: Every Japanese Kit Kat Flavour, Ranked! >>
The Best Kit Kat?
REVIEW: 5 New Snacks You Don't Want To Miss >>
What snacks should you be looking out for?
EVENT: Charms Competition Winners! >>
Who found out the best way to use their charms?
February 2019
REVIEW: Double Ended Food Scented Marker Pen Review >>
Check out our review of these bizarre Food Scented Highlighters from Japan!
REVIEW: 5 Cute AMUSE-ing Things for February! >>
Gear up for February with five awesome AMUSE products that aren't plush!
EVENT: Tofu Cute Love Poetry Competition WINNERS! >>
Find out which Love Poem from our Tofu community we loved!
REVIEW: Tomato Pretz Review >>
Tomato Pretz Review!
January 2019
FEATURE: TofuQ&A 2 (With Quinn & Adam) >>
The Tofu Q&A returns! Your Questions answered!
REVIEW: January Snacks Review - Which is best? >>
What's the Best Japanese Snack this month!?
FEATURE: Start 2019 Right! Our Top 5 Picks for January >>
Cure those January Blues & Start 2019 Right With Tofu Cute!
December 2018
FEATURE: Christmas Gift Guide: GIANT Plush (Feat. Quinn The Husky) >>
'Quinn' Introduces you to the best new Giant Plush!
FEATURE: Christmas Gift Guide: Snacks! >>
What snacks do you want for Christmas?
November 2018
FEATURE: Christmas Gift Guide: Re-Ment! >>
Get someone started collecting Re-Ment this Christmas!
FEATURE: Christmas Gift Guides: Cat Lovers & Dog Lovers!~ >>
Get the perfect Christmas Gift for a dog or cat fan!
FEATURE: FLANart Awards 2018! >>
What's the best FLANart?
EVENT: Tofu Cute Goes To MCM London 2018 >>
We loved MCM London Comic Con!
October 2018
REVIEW: Sanrio Candy Cabinet Review >>
Sanrio + Candy = Success
FEATURE: Our Top Picks: Charms & Keychains >>
Which charms and keychains are the best? We help you decide.
September 2018
FEATURE: Tofu Q&A With Quentin & Adam! >>
Your Tofu Cute questions, answered by 'experts'
REVIEW: Gudetama Chocolate Review! >>
Our experts decide how egg-cellent these gudetama chocolates are!
FEATURE: Introducing The Ultimate Tofu Lucky Bag! >>
What's in an ultimate tofu bag?
August 2018
REVIEW: Cute Stationery Review! >>
What's the best Japanese stationery?~
EVENT: The Tofu Cute 100 Word Challenge >>
Got opinions on Tofu Cute products? Now's your chance to win big.
REVIEW: AMUSE Mameshiba Pups - Our Top 5 >>
Our experts break down the kawaii appeal of the AMUSE company’s iconic dog brand - but which one is the best?
FEATURE: Beginner's Guide To Puni Maru >>
Do you need a squishy in your life? Read to find out
REVIEW: AMUSE Dakigurumi Flan - Absolutely Flantastic >>
Why should you join the #FlanClub?
July 2018
EVENT: Tofu Cute at HYPER JAPAN 2018!~ >>
Tofu Cute went to HYPER JAPAN! What did we get up to?
November 2015
EVENT: ARCHIVE - Gudetama Goes to Disneyland! >>
Find out what happens to Gudetama when he visits Disneyland with Team Tofu!
October 2015
EVENT: ARCHIVE - Team Tofu Meet Real Alpacas! >>
Come find out what happens when Team Tofu meet real Alpacas at Dunreyth Alpaca Farm!
June 2015
EVENT: ARCHIVE - Tofu Cute at Portsmouth Pride >>
Take a look at what happened when Tofu Cute visited Portsmouth Pride for its first annual parade!